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We are Large Diamond Buyers
Pay Big Money for large diamonds!

We pay to seller cash for diamonds on the spot, no waiting.

How to sell my diamond jewelry?

We help people selling diamond rings and other diamond jewelry. We provide you with fair values and timely on the spot transactions. Call us or stop by one of our comfortable local diamond stores or diamond buyers offices today for a free no-obligation buyer’s verbal appraisal. Compare our high cash for diamonds offers, professional diamond buyers expertise and courteous service to other jewelry buyers and diamond buyers, and we’re confident you’ll understand why we have so many repeat customers.

Why Sell Your Diamond to us?

High Prices, Fast Turnaround and Excellent Customer service. That is what you can expect from Cash for Diamonds at the Chula Vista Jewelry Exchange. If you have decided to sell your old diamond engagement ring, or even if you are just thinking about it, then tell us a little about your ring and we will make you a free, no commitment offer. We are confident that you will be pleased with our offer.


High Prices

As a diamond buyer who specializes in purchasing diamonds from consumers, we know that price matters. That is why we will give you a no obligation, no strings attached free offer for your diamond.


Fast Turnaround

If you are ready to sell your diamond ring, there is no reason you should have to wait weeks or months to set an appointment, get all of the information you need, and complete the transaction. We pay Cash for Diamonds at the Chula Vista Jewelry Exchange so you can have cash in your hand immediately. Call us for an appointment or just stop by at our store.


Excellent Customer Service

Our staff are courteous and friendly and will make you feel at home.  We want to make selling your diamond an enjoyable experience with high payouts.

We pay cash for jewelry in three simple steps.

1) Come in with your jewelry and your ID

2) We evaluate the jewelry and give you a cash for jewelry offer

3) We pay you cash for jewelry in the spot, no hassle, no waiting.

We are Large Diamond Buyers & Pay Big Money for large diamonds!

If you want to sell a diamond then look no further. Best Diamond Buyers makes it comfortable and easy for you to sell your diamond or diamond rings.

We will give you high payouts and a cash diamond offers and pay you on the spot.

As an estate diamond buyer and jewelry buyer we are located in Manhattan &  Long Island and serve Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Nassau, Suffolk & Long Island. We have become popular not only in Long Island and NYC but also in the tri-state area for our fast, fair, reliable, friendly and confidential diamond buying service. We also have locations on the west coast in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.

We specialize in large diamonds ranging from 1 carat to 15 carats and above diamonds.

Our professional diamond buyers in New York City and diamond buyers Long Island giving you high levels of diamond buying service, providing high evaluations and immediate cash offers for large diamonds or estate jewelry.

We are diamond buyers in NYC and Long Island and diamond jewelry buyers in your area so we are ready to come to you and give you immediate cash offers on your diamonds & diamond jewelry in NYC & Long Island.

You can also sell a large diamonddiamond jewelry, diamond ring or other diamond items by clicking on our contact page link and providing a description of your diamond ring, diamond jewelry or loose diamond or by bringing your diamond in to one of our offices. We will provide you with a prompt cash offer.

As large diamond buyers, our goal is to give you a great price with fair buyer’s appraisal based for the diamond you are selling.

Our Long Island diamond buyers as well as NYC diamond buyers make immediate cash offers in Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens.

Selling Diamond Engagement Ring in NYC? If you are looking for the best place to sell a diamond engagement ring in NYC or Manhattan, our expert NYC diamond buyers are standing by to give you a quote and pay you cash for diamonds in NYC and Manhattan today.

Our expert diamond buyers, and diamond appraisers make sure you get a fair buyer’s appraisal for your diamond and cash payment.

Call us and Get Free Quote From Diamond Ring Buyer.

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